Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have only recently found out that I am IRISH!

I have always gotten a kick out of St Patrick's Day. When I lived in Chicago, it was just amazing to see the River dyed green each year. And back in the day at the campus eatery (BITS and BYTES) at Hofstra University and their clever green bagels (which were a bit difficult to eat at first, given the obvious mold association). Let's not forget green beer---BRILLIANT! And well, green really IS my color:) But I think the thing that always made me smile about the day, aside from all the goofy drunken fools, was the happiness it initiated. Maybe I just happened to be around the fun people each year on this day, but there was a camaraderie there--and EVERYONE was Irish on St. Patrick's Day! So, now that I find I AM Irish, I wish to you all, the LUCK O' The Irish (I have a lot to spare from all the years I didn't use it) and HAPPINESS this St Patrick's Day!

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